Outsourcing Services,
Ecommerce Product Management in Dubai

The practice of efficiently managing and categorizing products in an online store in order to increase sales, improve customer experience, and streamline operations is known as ecommerce product management. We are providing outsource solutions for your products management in your online shop. Let our knowledgeable E-Commerce virtual assistants run your business so you can focus on building your brand rather than being bogged down in everyday activities.

All e-commerce tasks can be handled by Hiba Assistant.


User Account


Data Entry


Customers Support

Basic SEO

Part Time

User Account: 1 Dedicated

Days: 4 hours/Day Mon to Fri

Data Entry: ✔️

Maintenance: ✔️

Customer Supports: ✔️

Basic SEO: ✔️

2000 AED/ Month

Full Time

User Account: 2 Dedicated

Days: 8 Hour/Day Mon to Fri

Data Entry: ✔️

Maintenance: ✔️

Customer Supports: ✔️

Basic SEO: ✔️

AED 3700 / Month

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of monitoring and enhancing the many elements of a product’s lifetime in an e-commerce environment is known to as e-commerce product management. Products must be chosen and sourced, pricing must be set, product listings must be made, inventory must be managed, and product performance must be optimized.

Hiba uses skilled human Assistants to perform every task for its clients. nonetheless, uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to boost the caliber of the task. One of the reasons we can provide our high-quality services at a low price is due to our smart usage of AI.Is

Data entry that is focused on maintaining and inputting product information into an online store, marketplace, or catalog is known as “product data entry.” To develop well-organized and interesting listings, product information must be entered completely and precisely.

Depending on your business’s needs for each product’s details, photos, availability, and complexity, it will take 10 to 60 minutes for each product. It should be mentioned that your assistant tries hard to finish data entry as fast as possible.

Your virtual assistants will cover enough contents for your products and categories—at least 300 to 500 words for each product—but your product manager will not write any blogs. If you need blogs on your e-commerce website, you will need to pass your contents to our assistant to put them on your website.

Your e-commerce product manager can keep your website safe, improve speed, and make sure that your material is current and simple to administer by constantly maintaining the CMS. To ensure that your website is as successful and long-lasting as possible, it is crucial to budget time and money for continuing CMS maintenance. If there is a complex bug in your website that should be solved by a programmer, then it is not his or her duty.

Your product manager has the knowledge to work with WordPress, OpenCart, Prestashop, Shopify, and Magento. If your e-commerce website is customized, we need some time to learn it with direct access.

Your e-commerce virtual assistant’s duties are to handle your online shop orders, refunds, and changes. They will even answer online chats on your website or even send request forms to your sales and marketing departments. he or she is not answering any calls as contact center

You can ask your assistant to cover hours when you won’t be at work, or they can keep office hours concurrent with your own. During your planning call, just let your client success manager know your preferences, and they’ll keep that in mind while looking for your assistant.

Your product manager is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and they do their task by a precise screening procedure, in-depth training, and testing program. They are college-educated, competent English speakers. All assistants have a team they can lean on for support and are monitored by experienced supervisors. Our helpers are paid better than average pay and are motivated by your satisfaction!

Web app
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Dedicated phone number (call & texts)

Email, WhatsApp, Google meet or custom methods are available upon request.

Yes, At the end of each day, he or she will report tasks that they completed with email or any communication system.