Opencart Website theme design

Professional Website Design and  Development for Car rental Company

Creating a car rental website is an effective way to showcase your car rental services and facilitate online bookings for your customers.

Key elements for car rental website :

  1. User-Friendly Interface
  2. Car Inventory
  3. Online Booking System
  4. Pricing and Rental Policies
  5. Location Information
  6. Optional Extras and Upgrades
  7. Customer Reviews and Testimonials
  8. Online Reservation Management

Sample Of Car Rental Website Design

Car Rental Website Development price in Dubai

Car Rental Custom Website Start from 15000 AED

  • Back End: NodeJs Or Php Programming
  • UI: React Programing
  • Home Page unique Design & Development
  • Categories Design & Development
  • Admin Dashboard Design Configuration
  • Booking Module Configuration
  • Booking Status
  • Professional Search module
  • Any Custom Field Design & Development
  • Modern Menu Design
  • Blog & Post Module
  • Professional Properties and blog review and comment Module
  • Welcome , appointment and change status email Design
  • Up to 100 email address configuration
  • Unique Design Guarantee
  • jQuery Slider
  • At least 2 months to Be ready
  • Responsive web design, optimized for both mobile and tablets
  • Basic on-page SEO optimization
  • Google Map integration
  • Conceptual and Dynamic Design
  • Striking Hover Effects
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Newsletter Subscription CTA (Optional)
  • Search Engine Submission
  • 3 Hours Training
  • 1 Year Support & Maintenance
  • Domain name not Included (each Domain name start from +399 AED )
  • Host is not included (start from 450 AED)
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Web Design for Rent a Car in Dubai

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Ali Askari

I am pleased by the great job of hiba group. they really helped me on every aspect of my website. as a result my beautiful website is done very well ,it is fully functional and on time as i expected.

Ali Askari /
Anahita Akbari

Shikpoush as one of the first clothing online store in middle east from 2010 , Therefor always need to be update and be fashionable E-commerce above all which Hiba group establish this opportunity for our teams , In addition , they are always have best customer services 24/7  “.

Ana Akbari /
Jack Pagram

In 2015, I decided to make my online shop. I was confused about who was the real best developer. One of my friends suggested your company. From that time until now, we have been in touch with your team, and I am really happy to find you.

Jack Pagram /
Jain Bit

I was on a journey in Dubai, where, by chance, I met your company. After returning to Toronto, I decided to start my website. I applied on Wix, which I realized was very difficult, and then requested a website from you. Even though your company was too far from here, you made everything for me at the best prices.

Jane Bit /
Tim Parker

In the competitive market of Dubai, having luxury and functional products that attract new customers is a big chance to be a leader in the market. Your professional team helps my company increase its capability.

Tim Parker /
Olga Kadriva

easy-peasy process of building a website, In a few days, they made my favorite website. My beauty salon website is now getting customers from all over Dubai; they are booking online and even paying online, even though most of the time we do not have free space.

Olga Kadirova /