Our firm (HibaWeb) is required to represent practical and beneficial services to its customers by preserving individual and companies’ privacy policies. Therefore, our terms and conditions is described on the bottom lines.

Designing a website:

Article 1:

Considering the chosen package by customers, if the cost of host and domain get paid by our company, they are immune of paying any other fees up to 1 year.

First remark:

By the end of each year, the extension fee of domain name and host will be sent in an invoice.

Second remark:

If the customer does not extend the host and domain after one month of due time, his or her documents and information will be removed of the host and subsequently the caused costs must get paid by him/her.

Article 2:

Our company must perfectly carryout its commitments according to the customer’s package, especially when the customer demands to upgrade its service.

Article 3:

If customers request for extra supporting services, the service invoice will be sent for them.

Article 4:

Our company is responsible for purchasing a free domain for the represented packages. If the customer wants to substitute or add another domain, the cost of this change is in the charge of him/her.

Article 5:

If you want to apply any changes after your website design completion, you must pay extra related costs.

Digital marketing course:


The people enroll in digital marketing classes, must at least inform us 1 working week before the beginning in case of cancellation. The payment of enrolling will be returned after decreasing 3 percent of the amount.

First remark:

If you cancel the class less than a working week, no amount will be refunded.